Positions available

Positions available

2021: One post-doctoral position is available from March 2021. Applicants are accepted through the UCD core appointments process only, at https://tinyurl.com/y3o29te7

Deadline: Jan 7th 2021.

PhD position: We are recruiting one PhD student, starting date between Jan and July 2021.

This is a opportunity to join an active research group, studying virulence and evolution in pathogenic yeasts, especially Candida parapsilosis. We are particularly interested in characterising phenotypic and genetic diversity associated with drug resistance in C. parapsilosis. Fungal infection is growing concern worldwide, including in individuals infected with Covid-19. As with most pathogens, drug resistance is a serious problem. This project will allow you to (i) participate in a large-scale genomic study of C. parapsilosis (2) use state-of-the art automated systems to sequence genomes and to screen phenotypes on a large-scale (3) use network analysis and CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to identify and test networks involved in drug resistance.

Students should have a background in genetics or microbiology, or a similar field. You must have an undergraduate or Masters degree (II.1 or equivalent), or expect to graduate before June 2021. An interest in genomics may be an advantage, but is not essential. Application including a CV with academic results, a description of your research background and why you are interested in the project, and contact details for at least two referees, should be emailed (in a single document) to gbutler@ucd.ie before Tuesday December 22nd. Applicants may be called for interview (by Zoom) in January 2021.

The position is available for EU/UK/EEA only, and includes fees and an annual stipend of €18,500.